C U R R I C U L U M    V I T A E

Prof. PhD. Jovica HARDI, full professor

Scientific advisor, biotechnical sciences/food-science technology


Born on September 8 1956. in Brčko. Graduated at Chemical-technical school in Osijek class of 1974. Graduated at Faculty of food science and technology, class of 1980. Worked as an intern from 1981. on the same faculty, assistant on the subject “Technology of milk and dairy products” until the year of 1989. At the year 1983. passed all exams at the postgraduate study of food science and technology at the Faculty of food science and biotechnology Zagreb. In September 1987. scientific paper equivalence converted to a master thesis and in December of 1987. passed the group exam of founding disciplines in biotechnology at the Faculty of food science and biotechnology Zagreb.

Acquired his Doctorate and 1992. at the Faculty of food science and biotechnology Zagreb with a thesis “Process of acquiring intensive aroma in Edam cheese at model-systems.” Beside the Faculty: “GAJ Slatina”, chief of development in new products and marketing manager in the Biotechnology sector. From 1991-1992. Biotrade Osijek, senior professional associate in instrumental laboratory and scientific equipment.

From scientific advancements, notable ones: University of horticulture and food industry, Faculty of Food Industry, Scientist exchange, Budapest, one month 1996., Corvinus University, Faculty of Food Industry, post doctorate specialization, Budapest, (six months 1998.).

From 1993-1996 returned to the Faculty of food science and technology, as a senior assistant on the following subjects: “Packaging”, “Water and fuel technology”.  Elected as an assistant professor in 1996. and as an associate professor in the year 2000. Became full time professor in 2008. In the academic year of 1995/96. takes over most of the subject “Technology of milk and dairy products” and in 1997. takes over the subject “Introduction to scientific research” as well as “Knowledge of raw materials in the food industry”. In 1998. takes over “Technology of milk and dairy products”. Head of subject “Dairy” on the Faculty of food science and technology Osijek, direction Zootechnics, (99/2000. and 00/01.).

Since the year 2000. Head of department of dairy technology, with six subjects and in 2001. also the head of “Scientific work method” cathedra, head of “Introduction to scientific research” on the undergraduate study and the “Scientific work method” at the postgraduate study as well as “Accomplishments in technology of milk and dairy products”. Bologna – “Technology of raw materials from animal origin”, “Autochthonous dairy products”. On the specialist study – “Achievements in technology of supplies with animal origin with the elements of HACCP”.

Was a part of seven domestic science projects, and the head of one domestic and two international science projects. Been involved in leading 25 graduate thesis and mentored 105 graduate theses, as well as mentored 15 final thesis on the undergraduate study. Mentor of two master’s degrees and three doctorates, two more doctorates pending.

Published in total over 100 different science publications, from which 50 represented in scientific bases. Indexed papers cited over 150 times and total quotes of indexed and non-indexed papers visible in the international scientific database is over 200. Other papers published in workbooks and workbook summaries, as well as domestic magazines and three papers publicized in scientific monographs. Involved in over 55 papers in international and domestic congress, published seven scientific papers. Author of two patents, six new products in the dairy industry and was a part of building or independently built ten international and five domestic factory projects of the food science industry. In 2015. won six gold medals on innovation exhibitions on the subject of biotechnical sciences. From which one innovation has won four gold medals (two local in Croatia, one international exhibition and one world exhibition of scientific innovations, grand prix cup and a diploma from the Institute of genetics, physiology and plant protection, from the scientific institute of Ministry of Science, Republic of Moldavia. In the year 2017. won a gold medal for an innovative food supplement at INOVA 2017, fifth for the product ROZIMEL.