Who are we?

A family company that is trying to create something new

Company is registered in November 2015. with an array activities, from which the main one is: Production of functional food supplements . Enerhon is a small family company consisted of four members. In possession of all needed documentation, accountant service and our own space with the needed infrastructure. For now the company is stable even though the first top product "Grandmother Rosalie's Honey" is in the last phase of promotional breakthrough on the market.

Plan and the vision of the company for this year is developing a series of energetic and/or nutritionally valuable food supplements. All of the products are imagined and developed on the basis of many years of scientific research from our family member, inovator and a university professor, who is supporting the company as an outside coworker. As a simple share company Enerhon is not in the TAX system.

How do we work

Simple yet effective

Production is 100% repeatable and stable. At the moment our manufacturing capacity is from 60-120 kg. Because of the physical and biochemical requirements, the production process has to have it's own dynamic and protocol which determines the number of series per month. Depending on the market demand capacities can be increased.

We are in the process of getting the notification of our food supplement within the ministry of public health. Nutritional value tables, bar code set numbers, LOT and other needed documents. Designing special packaging with our own design solutions.



Company info:

Novogradiška 45 31000 OSIJEK
MB 4452399
OIB 52487154232
IBAN HR4924840081107489110
e-mail: enerhon@gmail.com
Mob: 095 903 52 97 (CEO)